Learn To Be Bigger On The Inside

(than you are on the outside!)


    Discover how to lead yourself well, understanding that your heart is what makes the biggest difference in your approach to leadership.


    Learn how to connect with the people around you, increasing your influence in the areas that matter the most to you.


    Develop your ability to bring clarity to difficult situations, partnering with others to get things done.

This Course Is Designed For YOU

  • IF you want to be your own boss
  • IF you stepped into a new role where you're now responsible for someone else's work
  • IF you want pre-boss training...ready to step in when your moment comes

This course ISN'T designed for CEOs, long-time leaders, confident business owners or those who read one leadership book a week. It's designed to give you a foundation on which you'll develop your unique leadership approach. 

Here's What's Inside

The Lifelong Leaders Workshop contains five lessons and bonus materials. Each lesson contains videos, articles and worksheets.

01: Introduction to the Lifelong Leader Lens

We all view the world from different perspectives. The Lifelong Leader Lens is a simple (clear) and balanced framework. It's a way to enter into any situation and think like a boss. 

02: Start By Leading Myself

Everyone wants to be their own boss. Congratulations...you already are. Everyone must learn to lead themselves first. This lesson shows you the importance of four key areas of our lives and how to prioritize them the most effective way.

03: Expand By Influencing Others

Demanding and controlling may work when you boss yourself around, but empathy, authenticity and collaboration will get you a lot farther with others. This lesson gives you greater insight into the tools needed to increase your influence with those around you.

04: Produce By Focusing Energy

Confusion, conflict and change can mess up our best intentions. This lesson helps you understand how to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

05: Improve By Evaluating Progress

The journey to accomplish our goals or preferred future is never in a straight line. This lesson teaches you the proper place for feedback, judgement and evaluation along the way. It will also help you navigate those tough conversations you'll most certainly have along the way.


One time cost for unlimited access and future updates. This is the lowest price it will ever be offered.

Meet Your Instructor

Tim Milburn, Lifelong Leaders Founder

Support For The Shoe That Grows

Giving To The Work Of Because International

A portion of your course registration goes to support my friend, Kenton's work with The Shoe That Grows!

Kenton came up with the idea of a shoe that can grow when he was working in Africa. He saw how many children didn't have shoes or shoes that fit. When he came back to America, he created a shoe that can grow five sizes (those last a lot longer!).

Kenton and I have been friends and worked together for quite awhile. I knew when I started Lifelong Leaders, it would support the work of Kenton and the team at Because!